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What We Do In This Blog

We write articles about fashion because it’s our passion and our everyday life.

In this blog you will find everything you want to know about Beauty, Trends, what inspire the designer and… the list is too long for us to write it there !


It’s All About Fashion.

Our goal is to teach you all we know about fashion by researching and writing articles really in depth.


4 Themes just for you

Our articles are divided in 4 different themes so there is always the thing you needed.

Because we know that fashion is a trend that change often we put a lots of effort to give you the best update as soon as something come up.




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About Us

We are two students from London who love Fashion, a piece of clothe and the design from it. We study art, history of fashion and want to work in this industry later on. Furthermore, we use this blog to share with you our vision about the fashion industry and teach you maybe some tips we got from our research. 

Celia and Marcia

Student in Fashion Journalism

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