What is a hijab ? Why do Muslim women wear hijab ? How does it benefit these beautiful Muslim ladies ? These are the questions this article will answer about this unique dressing https://gettwitty.com/ of Muslim ladies.

Muslim women’s hijab and more headgears have been their identity and pride for many years. Contrary to the world perception, the hijab is not only worn for religious purpose but have more benefits for a Muslim lady.

What is a hijab? Hijab is a cloth used to wrap around the head and neck, covering the hair and leaving the face visible. Muslim women’s headgears come in many forms, but the hijab has a distinctive feature of covering anything above the shoulders except the face.

Benefits of Wearing a Hijab


Muslim’s spiritual life is based on both Quran and the Sunnah teachings. They rely on and abide by the instruction of Prophet Mohamed and his actions.

Hijab wearing tradition by Muslim women is based on how the prophet Mohamed’s wives dressed. The wives wore the hijab in submission to God’s command. Consequently, today’s Muslim women wear hijab to express their surrender to God. This tradition has made them feel closer to God and more spiritually contented.

Unrestricted by the Chains of Fashion and Beauty

In today’s world, most women value the shape of their bodies due to fashion changing daily. Most women believe that their worth is based on their physical appearance. It has gone further and even changed their dietary lifestyle as they try to create a “desirable” body shape.

Muslim women have been able to go around this fashion and beauty maze by wearing hijab. By wearing hijab, they have authority over how people perceive them. This act has diverted the attention from the physical appearance to the internal appearance.

Identity, Authority, and Integrity

When a woman wears a hijab, she has the ability or authority to create her own identity and control how people interpret it. It gives people around her an understanding of who she is and what group she identifies with.

Additionally, Muslim women have been viewed as religious by wearing hijab. Their modest looks make it easy for religious Muslim and non-Muslim men to relate with them because they are assumed to be conversant with the teachings of their religion. Consequently, they receive more respect and are taken more seriously in society.

Access to Life’s Opportunities

In a Muslim family or Muslim community, wearing of hijab by a lady indicates a commitment to Islam. If you are brought up in any family that strictly follows their religion, you may have limited access to relationships, education, and travels as a lady. Through hijab-wearing, most Muslim women have gained trust and approval from their families, thus allowing them to venture into the world with some amount of freedom.


Hijab is a cloth worn by Muslim ladies above their shoulders to cover their head, excluding the face, and express their faith in God. It also gives these beautiful ladies;

  • Their identity as Muslims is that any person can recognize them
  • The satisfaction and content with their body image, despite the evolution of fashion and beauty each day
  • The route to the outside world of life’s opportunities

Hijab is like a sword that Muslim women can use for protection.